It’s the most delightful time of the year for cannabis consumption. Choose something that will elevate your session and the party, whether it’s a ‘wow’ gift for a pal, an infused goodie to offer as a host gift, or the right strains to stock up your stash for the holidays.

The ultimate holiday wish list includes terpene-rich California cannabis, beautiful smoking equipment, canna-infused French patisseries, honey, and nonalcoholic sparkling champagne, among other things. Best wishes for a happy and healthy Christmas season!


fumé, which means “to smoke” in French, is a modern cannabis brand aimed towards individuals looking for a more refined cannabis experience. They select rare, terpene-rich strains from family-owned and operated farms that use environmentally friendly growing methods. fumé offers an amazing selection of California’s best cannabis, together with premium smoking equipment, so you can fully appreciate the terpene-rich varieties.

umé king cones come in unbleached, organic hemp paper with a spiral-designed filter tip for easy pull-through. The 1.0g full-flower pre-roll is ideal for a relaxing afternoon. They have organic beeswax hemp wicks, so you can get the full flavor of the flower without having to worry about butane or sulfur. In addition, fumé has teamed up with a tiny American firm to create a unique cherry wood smoke tip that cools the smoke before inhaling and prevents the dreaded soggy information.

Fumé will deliver the ideal high for holiday festivities, decorating the house, and snuggling up by the fire this season. Not to mention, it’s stylish, environmentally friendly packaging will look lovely under the tree.


Hervé offers magnificent pastries, macarons, and chocolates that mix contemporary design with exceptional flavors and are based on patisserie creation’s classic art. Hervé is thrilled to present the first meticulously infused premium sweets for the discerning cannabis customer, combining decades of traditional French culinary history with innovative infusion technology. Hervé’s macarons are available for purchase online at for customers in California.


Potli is a seller of highly functional, artisanal ingredients infused with premium California-grown CBD and cannabis, founded by a third-generation sauce maker. Potli encourages individuals to ritualize bio-intensive cannabinoids in a way that feels effortless and natural to enrich their everyday. They make hyperlocal wildflower honey, emulsified Sriracha sauce, and single-estate olive oil.

Potli Dream Honey is a superfood unlike any other sleep aid (Emerald Cup 1st Place for CBD Edibles). Hand-poured with a natural golden 2:1:1 ratio of CBN, CBD, and THC to induce deep sleep and restorative calm, the beloved raw honey is derived from California wildflowers. The recommended dosage per serving/teaspoon is 5mg CBN, 3mg THC, and 3mg CBD.

Goods for Session

Session Goods thinks that we should celebrate them rather than hide our pleasures. The session uses high-quality materials and smart, sophisticated design to precisely construct modern smoke ware goods that inspire excitement in every moment. The Session Pipe is the ideal gift to commemorate and share those glorious indulging times with your favorite stoner friends and family this holiday season. This sophisticated Designer Pipe ($50) has been deliberately created to be able to take your session anywhere, from the protective carry cover and compact form to the ability to store a bowl or keep ash out of your bag.

Sparkling Rosier with Herbacée

Herbacée’s new line of nonalcoholic cannabis-infused sparkling wine is the perfect companion to any festive occasion if you’d rather avoid the alcohol this holiday season. This sparkling holiday cocktail, created by Jamie Evans of The Herb Somm, may be given as a gift or savored as your go-to sparkler throughout the season. Look for Herbacée Sparkling Rosier, a rosé blend based on Grenache, Mourvèdre, and Cinsault from the “South of France.” This delightful cannabis-infused beverage comes in single-serve cans and four-packs, with sweet strawberry and citrus notes followed by a melody of delicate floral notes. Thanks to its fresh acidity, this drink works well with rich holiday dishes.


For the cannabis enthusiast, the Apothecary case is a sleek and beautiful storage and humidity solution. The limited-edition Edward case is the ideal gift for the sophisticated cannabis enthusiast in your life. Four humidity-regulated flower jars, four dab jars, a stunning grinder, tray, nook, and a blunt holder for when you’re on the run! Every holiday party will be a show-stopper, and it’s a must-have present for the hostess with the mostess!